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CLOEE-N is developed as an alternate product for agricultural pesticide, golf course grass treatment, food conservation, fruit / vegetable cleansing.
It also protects farmers who are exposed to toxic pesticides

│ Company introduction │

The company name of Chemopia is a compound word formed from the words “Chemical” and “Utopia” which objective is saving the world by an innovative chemical technology. Recently, the battle against viruses becomes the most important issues in the world. Unlike the existing disinfectants, Chemopia launched an environmentally friendly product that has highly praised by global profess-sional chemical organizations.

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful oxidizing agent. Which is classified as a most safe disinfectant (level A1) from WHO. Chemopia’s aqueous ClO₂ solution has long self life and high purity which enables the use of ClO₂ in real life. Besides the aqueous ClO₂, Chemopia also provides a ClO₂ powder and ClO₂ generator for alternative uwe of chlorine in wqter treatment, food additives, etc.

Countries including the U.S. and Europe have early recognized the excellence of ClO₂. It is widely used as a disinfectant for public health and preventive treatment for animal diseases. However, the use of ClO₂ is still very limited in korea.

Our goal is to utilize the technology in various fields so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of ClO₂. In order to do so, Chemopia will keep striving to coutribute to the society.